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See the future of consultancy management

ZCloud HR provides consultant and employee management for small and medium sized organizations in any industry.

Keep track of your workers’ time worked, time reported, travel or other expenses, leave requests, role assignments, location, and supervisory assignments.

Zillion Technologies, Inc. is dedicated to creating the most flexible, accurate, and intuitive consultancy management products that provide unparalleled value to our customers.
The philosophy behind the concept and design of CloudHR is that software should fit naturally into the flow of human activity, providing value through the automation of mundane tasks and presenting focused information at the precise time it is needed.
Based on our mission and philosophy, Zillion Technologies CloudHR will deliver timely, accurate storage, delivery, and automation of the consultancy management areas of time recording, leave and expense management.

Responsive design for the mobile workforce

ZCloud HR is fully responsive and can adapt to any screen size, giving your consultants the flexibility to make updates anywhere at any time.

Enjoy the Freedom of eSignature

ZCloud HR time sheets, expense reports, and leave requests all use our eSignature technology to free your company from perils of paper.  With ZCloud HR, your consultants time, expense, or leave submissions are immediately and automatically sent via email to your HR manager and your consultant’s client manager for approval.

Built with Security in mind

The ZCloud HR database is fully encrypted for your security.  Our advanced algorithms keep your data secure while performing so efficiently there is no discernible latency in normal operations.

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