Zillion was founded as a product development company. Zillion’s first product was launched in 2002 and resolved inefficiencies in the medical billing industry. Since then, Zillion has expanded its technology offerings (including managed services and staffing), but Zillion has always stayed close to its roots as a product company. To-date, Zillion has developed over 20 IT products in various industries from healthcare to information security.

Zillion’s success in product development can be attributed to 2 distinct factors.

(1) Zillion actively listens to its customers. We do this in the beginning to discern the real business problem that needs to be solved, and we continuously gather and act upon feedback as we execute sprints / development.

(2) Zillion has an innovative development framework (Z-hive) that allows us to re-use / repurpose our code bases for faster, less expensive development

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