About Company

20+ Years of Experience

Zillion Technologies was founded in 2002 by Anthony Irudhayanathan. Anthony had a vision to create an organization that delivered extraordinary results to his customers through innovation and providing the best value. Since then, Zillion has grown to over 1,000 global employees. Anthony’s goal was not only to grow Zillion, but to also help our customers’ businesses grow. Since starting over 20 years ago, Zillion has created over 1,000 net-new jobs by assisting our customers in expanding across multiple domains. Anthony’s vision of innovation and value has been realized by over 100 Fortune 1000 customers.

While Zillion is proud of our numerous awards and recognition, we are honored by our many long-term customers. We continue to innovate and find new ways to bring value to our customers.

About Summary


Zillion was founded by Anthony Irudhayanathan.


Zillion expands its operations across the United States, Latin America, and Canada.


Zillion establishes world-class digital delivery centers in India.


Zillion starts offering digital transformation solutions to the federal market; recognized as the fastest growing MBE in the DMV region.


Zillion partners with SAIX to launch the AI Cyber Risk Engine.


Zillion continues to innovative and powerful technology solutions to the country’s largest organizations.

Our Certifications and Recognition