Let Zillion drive the complexity of IOT, Cloud and Big Data with our Utilities Solutions. Zillion provides state-of-the art 4G LTE smart meters (5G models are in testing!), Tailored machine learning algorithms to glean insights from your data, Robotics process automation (RPA) for operations, field services and customer support and Integration of data back into your billing system. Zillion has the products, tools, people and know how to make your organization succeed.

RPA in

We combine RPA and Salesforce to deliver innovative and time saving solutions.

Digital Transformation

We deliver powerful results for refineries through our digital solutions.


We manage your assets through effective Asset Tracking with our AI solutions.

Realtime Analytics

We use Machine Learning algorithms to perform Realtime Analytics for your resources.


Our cloud services facilitate seamless data aggregation and transformation.

Customer Support

Enhance the customer experience at service stations using our digital solutions.

Our Certifications and Recognition