Cyber Security

Zillion has dedicated Cybersecurity practices that specialize in modernizing enterprise security infrastructures for our clients. Our Cyber Security Team will help you to strategize the best solutions to ensure a risk-free cyber environment. To ensure our client's security, we partnered with SAIX to develop the innovative AI Cyber Risk Engine, which uses artificial intelligence to identify threats and automatically remediate them.

Resource Identification

Our team performs thorough research on the client’s business and formulates dedicated solutions that match their practices.

Threat Assessment

After completing resource identification, our experts will analyze the level of threat to our client’s security system. Next, we plan vulnerability tests and propose them to the stakeholders.

Vulnerability Analysis

We conduct hardware and software tests to identify the biggest threat to the security of the business. Our experts collaborate with our clients and take meticulous measures to address high-priority threats.

Risk Assessment

With the information collected from the tests, Zillion’s Cyber security SMEs scrutinize the root cause of threats and find blind spots in our client’s cyber security.

Solution Analysis

Finally, the best possible solutions are put forth by our team to handle multiple threats based on the degree of risk. Our team recommends to our clients the actions that need to be implemented immediately to avoid high-level loss.

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